Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Big TEN!

     The year was 2008. Britney Spears was simultaneously having a breakdown and making a comeback, Joe the Plumber was saying things that people seemed to care about, and the seeds for a cinematic universe were being planted with a little movie called Iron Man. In the midst of all of this, ten years ago to the day, I sat down and thought, "You know what?... I should start a blog."

     I was an aspiring artist that followed a lot of better artists' blogs when I realized that there wasn't any reason why I shouldn't have one of my own. There was nothing monumental or ground-breaking about my first post. For some random reason, I had recently drawn the Otter Pops characters with an attempt at making them a little more... pop art. Get it? Since this was the newest thing I had on hand, this is what I posted, and thus, was born!

     At first my goal was to get sort of an online resume going, as well as improve at the same time. I never went to school or had any real training as an artist, but I had heard from multiple people, whose work I admired, that the best way to get better was to just draw, draw, draw! So that's what I did and this blog served as the perfect motivator for me to do so.

     Over time, things happened and dreams changed, but I still kept on a bloggin'! What had started as a place to show off my amateur work had turned into a release, of sorts. It's become a creative outlet where I could get all of this fanboy stuff out of my head and somewhere a little more final.

     So here we are! Celebrating ten years of having a blog might seem like a pretty silly thing to do, but silly is pretty much the name of the game here, isn't it? To commemorate the occasion, I thought I'd have another go at the little guys that started it all... the Otter Pops!

     Anyone who does frequent this blog knows that I am a sucker for nostalgia, so for the rest of the month, I'm keeping this trip down memory lane a going by revisiting some of my favorite posts from the last 10 years.

Get excited!

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