Saturday, September 28, 2013

Snork Week presents... Tooter Shellby

     Well, Snork Week 2013 is officially winding down. Last Snork of the Week: the Silent but Spectacular Tooter Shellby.

     When I was a kid, we had one episode of Snorks on VHS that I watched over and over. In fact, that ONE episode is really what I base most of my Snork knowledge off of. This fact is probably the reason I keep getting booted off all of the "snork dork" fan forums. Oh well.

     That one episode focused on the beloved Tooter and his inability to speak. While I've always been able to speak, I still dealt with my fair share of bullying as a child. I really felt for Tooter and his plight. It was inspiring to see that even though some of us may have little quirks that keep us from fitting in with the rest of the crowd, we'll still have our moment to... honk loudly and scare off the giant Snorkeater... no wait. That's not right. Is it? ...aww man. I really felt like I was going somewhere with all of that. Nuts.

     Anywho! I hope all of you have enjoyed my reinterpretations of the Snorks, this week. Thanks for taking the time to check them out each day. And here's a special treat! Each Snork pic connects to make one bigger pic! That's right, kiddies! Get an adult to print each one out and just slide them together!

How's that for fun?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Snork Week presents... Junior Wetworth

     I guess every successful cartoon group of good guys needs a jerk somewhere in the mix (Grumpy Bear, Raphael, etc.) In the case of the Snorks, Wellington Wetworth, Jr. is that JERK.

     With the Snorks sharing a lot of the same traits, such as friendliness and good sportsmanship, I personally find Junior's elitism and overall douchey-ness somewhat... refreshing.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Snork Week presents... Casey Kelp

     I don't know what the deal seems to be with me and these girl snorks. I keep trying to think of something witty (and, of course, insightful) to say about Casey Kelp. But just as the case was with her friend Daffney... I've got nothing.

     Lately, I keep seeing these ads for the new iPhone and how the big deal seems to be that they come in different colors. It's like, "Woo-hoo! It's Pink!" I guess that's how I feel about Casey. "Woo-hoo. She's pink."

That's about it.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Snork Week presents... Allstar Seaworthy

    When I was a kid, Allstar was my favorite of the Snorks, which is funny since we don't share any of the same traits. Allstar is athletic and likes inventing things. I don't like sports at all and, as far as inventing goes, I seem to only get a kick out of things that remind me of the 1980's, so I'm not sure you could neccesarily call me "innovative."

     Allstar also has a pet octopus. Me? I've always been more of a mollusk guy, myself.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Snork Week presents... Occy

Question: What has eight legs and barks like a dog? Answer: Occy
     The reason that wasn't funny is because it wasn't a joke. Nope. Occy, the pet of Snork Allstar Seaworthy, happens to fit that description exactly.

     While tuna are considered the chicken of the sea, Occy, or more precisely, octopus canis, are more or less the dogs of the sea. As opposed to your typical ink-squirting octopuses, this little guy is a much smaller and friendlier species, known specifically for its loyalty, as well as the aforementioned barking. 

     They're relatively harmless, however some have been known to have a fondness for chasing tuna, or rather... Sea Chickens.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Snork Week presents... Daffney Gillfin

     Ahh! Daffney Gillfin. What can you say about Daffney Gillfin?

     Seriously! What can you say about Daffney Gillfin? I've got nothing.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Snork Week presents... Dimmy Finster

     It's official! Snork Week has begun! So make yourself comfy and get ready for more snork goodness than you can shake an elongated head appendage at!

     First up is Dimmy Finster. According to the Snork Wiki (That's right... there's a Snork Wiki), "not much is known about Dimmy's past." Pretty intriguing, huh? Even more mysterious is why Dimmy unexplainably disappeared after the show's second season. PLUS, he has a crooked snorkel. What's that all about?

     I, personally, like to think that Dimmy was involved in some sort of "21 Jump Street" situation... posing undercover to get to the bottom of some mass-snork conspiracy. Once he was successful with his mission, the Snorkland government had him relocated and wiped the memories of everyone he came into contact with.

     None of this explains the crooked snorkel, but hey, a good backstory requires a little bit of mystery! Amiright?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Back MY SNORK!

     I've never really been a fan of the fall season. This year, however, I came up with something to help ease my woes as we transition into the dreaded monotony of short days and long-sleeved shirts.

     You're all like, "Whaaa? The Snorks?!? How oh how shall those mere underwater Smurfs from yore possibly provide solace in this bleak time of windbreakers and... brown things?" Well, I'll tell you, friends! 

     Every day for the first week of fall, you'll get to meet a different member of the Snork family... each with the refreshing new look that you can only get here at the ol' blogspot! You'll be so wrapped up in the vibrant wonder and splendor that is Snork Week, that you'll be completely oblivious to all of that flannel shirt and dormant grass crap. By the time you've awoken from this Snork-filled euphoria, voila!  It's Christmas Time! And who doesn't love Christmas time?

     That's just one scenario, however. The more likely option is that you'll go, "Hmm. That's nice," and then get smacked upside the face by a chilly autumn "breeze."

See you in the fall, kiddos!