Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Oh right!... The Disney Afternoon!!

     The blog posting always seems to die down a little during the summer months. I'm like the Brady Bunch, yo... The sunshine's calling my name!

     To fix this, I thought I'd do something slightly different. I've usually posted my Disney Afternoon work in small groupings, but this time to keep the party going longer (or to just drag things out), I'm hitting you with a large helping of characters, one post at a time!

     As of this exact second, I'm officially calling it The Summer Of The Afternoon! Nope! I'm not! Never mind that last bit. As for the rest of it... yes! Get excited!

Jitters A. Dog

Hey! Could you ask for a more widely beloved character to kick things off with than Jitters?!?

Seriously. I'm asking. Could you?