Monday, June 17, 2013

Wreck 'Em!

     As opposed to most people in West Texas, I am NOT a sports fan. However, I do love cartoons. Growing up, I enjoyed the work of local cartoonist Dirk West.

     Due to my lack of sports knowledge, I didn't really get the jokes when I was a kid, but now... they fly COMPLETELY over my head!

I think the joke here is that all sports are nonsense.
     However, I still really love Mr. West's style and the personality he gave to each of the team mascots. I had a collection of his newspaper cartoons that I would constantly analyze. Again, I didn't get any of the jokes, but I absolutely adored the art. Just for fun, here's my take on the star of Dirk West's cartoons, Texas Tech mascot, Raider Red.

Here's to you, Mr. West! Guns up!*

*That's what they say. I still don't know what it means.