Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I'm Celebrating!

     Next time you're in a Disney park, be sure to ask for one of these buttons. They're free and make for some pretty decent souvenirs. When you wear them in the park, cast members are really good at noticing them and using them as conversation starters. They'll say "Happy Anniversary!" or "First time here? Welcome!" You know? The sort of small talk that makes the overall atmosphere a little more friendly. 

     To have a little fun with this friendly atmosphere on our recent visit to Disneyland, my wife, brother, and I thought it'd be fun to make our own custom buttons that would catch the cast members' eye the same way, but hopefully spark some slightly less-generic conversation.

     Alas, we weren't able to find the means of producing these buttons in the same size as the official ones. So, being sticklers for detail, we scrapped the whole idea which, let's be honest, probably wouldn't have played out as hilariously as we intended. Nevertheless, our buttons were too fun not to share.

Like I said, we were going for LESS-generic.

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