Thursday, December 10, 2015

Throw It Back Thursday

     Here's some more characters of mine from yesteryear! When I was in the sixth grade, everyone in my class was assigned to write and illustrate a whole book... and it could be about anything! Naturally, mine was a space epic. It told the story of a ragtag group of three space police on a mission to rescue Barney the Dinosaur from the evil clutches of Big Bird and Mister Rogers.


Yeah. You read that correctly.

     Barney was all the rage at the time, so there were lots of gags about him annoying people to the point where they'd eject themselves into space. You know, real comedy GOLD! There was also an appearance from the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation because... well, why not?

     Alas, I don't have anything to show from this early writing venture of mine because the assignment was never returned to me. My parents speculated that my sixth-grade teacher, who moved to another town the following school year, kept the book for herself to have when I eventually became famous. It was sweet of them, ...but a little unlikely. 

     I decided to draw the main characters again from memory, so here they are! I didn't include my version of Big Bird, but he was basically a mashup of the Sesame Street character and Darth Vader.

Like I said,... GOLD!

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