Monday, November 23, 2015

Match and Chill

     Like many kids in junior high, my best friend Matt and I were fans of superheroes. He liked comic books, whereas I liked the idea of drawing comic books... and so we collaborated on one. There are many aspects of this comic that continue to amuse me but for this post, I'm focusing on one: the dynamic duo of Match and Chill!

     It's probably a pretty common occurrence in the "creative process" to simply throw one's self in the mix, thinly veiled by a different name. This was the case with Match and Chill. Whereas our other characters in the comic had more outlandish and original superhero aspects, Match and Chill were simply my friend Matt and I... with super powers. Chill was as straightforward a depiction as I could crank out at age 13 of my friend Matt... only with unexplainable ice powers. Match was me... the same idea only with fire powers.

     For fun, I revisited these characters back in 2008. The goal then was to make Match and Chill resemble my friend and I even MORE closely. This time around, I thought I'd abandon the concept of the two heroes being our counterparts and stretch their potential a little more in other directions.

     It's unlikely that I'll do anything with these guys anytime soon, but you never know. Maybe Matt and I will collaborate on a reboot! Although without a Social Studies notebook to doodle these guys in the margins of, the concept might lose some of its appeal with me.


Anonymous said...

Love this. My friend Michael and I had similar stuff. 7th and 8th grade. We had an entire super hero team called Storm Force, and some alien named Visp. Loved the final concepts of these 2. Nice work as always Nate. If you wanna check out the oldies but goodies I was talking about you can find them here.

Nathan H. Boyd said...

You guys' skills in junior high were EXCEPTIONALLY better than mine! Very nice work! :D Thanks for commenting!