Tuesday, March 3, 2015

You Failed Art School! BOOM! Roasted.

     Here's another batch of characters from The Office. Drawing... I guess you could call them caricatures(?)... isn't something I've done much of and I feel like it's pretty hit and miss when it comes to capturing the likenesses of these characters. For some, like Stanley, I feel like I nailed it on the first try. But with others, I must have trashed half a thing of post-its trying to get it right. My depiction of Pam resembled everything from Jake the Dog to Audrey Hepburn, but never really looked like Jenna Fischer. I finally settled with the one below. 

     Really, my goal was to capture the general feel of the character for something like an animated version rather than do an accurately detailed depiction. 

That's a pretty flimsy excuse, but I'm sticking with it.

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