Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rebooting Ruxpin - Jack W. Tweeg

     My "reboot" of Teddy Ruxpin continues with a little St. Patty's Day bloggin' of the green! Next in the lineup is the land of Grundo's resident green meanie, and my personal favorite, Jacqueline Willimena Tweeg!

     Jacqueline Willimena is, of course, my small change. Guys with girl names crack me up, I guess. Other than that, I can't really think of ways to change Tweeg much. I kind of like him the way he is... or was. 

     Tweeg is a sort of wannabe sorcerer who believes he can magically turn buttermilk into gold. His attempts to do so always fail, however, producing instead... buttermilk donuts. Hilarious, right?!? I thought Tweeg, or maybe his henchman L.B., could capitalize off of this misfortune and sell the donuts to help finance further experiments. Magic has to cost money, after all! You can't just get something from nothing! Equivalent exchange and all that jazz!

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