Friday, August 14, 2015

Halfway There!

     As I've mentioned before, my New Year's Resolution for 2015 was to draw 50 original characters before the end of the year. My creative energy is always veering down the fan art boulevard, so for me, 50 is a pretty big number.

     I can come up with original characters all day long. For example, an alien robot named MoMo that enters a space race as an underdog, but later backs out and instead decides to go camping with friends. I just came up with that. Or how about a hamster that loves sandwiches? You know... Sammy Hammy? Or a time-traveling beluga whale that just wants to swim in the future... or maybe the past. Whatever. Her name could be Joan.

     See? It's easy. But actually sitting down and committing to fleshing them out onto paper is a different story.

     For this post, I decided to just crank a bunch out! Some of these are characters that I've been developing for quite some time and some of them... well, aren't. The good news is I'm halfway done! The bad news is the year is MORE than halfway done. Luckily though, resolutions are meaningless! Enjoy!

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