Sunday, April 12, 2015

...and Friends!

     When I was in the third grade, I came up with the idea for Nate and George. When I was in the fifth or sixth grade, I decided to give the two some more friends.

     First up is Timothy Rabbit. Like George, Timothy here was also based on a stuff animal from my childhood. At the same time I got George, my brother got a stuffed rabbit from the same product line. He named the rabbit, Thumper... but for obvious reasons, I've decided to change the name here. Oh, and yes. My brother and I played with dolls. Wanna fight about it?

     Gusto Squirrel has shown up here before. Gusto gets his name because of his overwhelming enthusiasm for most things... you know? His gusto!

     Arby the Dinosaur has also been on the blog before. I liked dinosaurs a lot as a kid (who didn't?) and thought Nate needed one to hang out with. The joke with Arby is that he's a guy with a very complex personality who also turns out to be a talking dinosaur. Hilarious right? Hmm.
     After seeing a few pieces of concept art for Pixar's upcoming The Good Dinosaur, I realize that Arby bares a really close resemblance to the film's main character, Arlo... so this is probably the last we'll be seeing of this guy.

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