Thursday, February 5, 2015

I'd Like To See Them TRY!

Radagast the Brown

    Here's my take on a couple of characters that I would like to have seen better developed in the Hobbit movies. It seems like if they absolutely HAD to stretch the book into three movies, then they could have used some of that extra time to expand upon these interesting, yet very minor, characters and give them a bigger part to play. 


     Take Beorn, for example. Here's a character that was actually in the book, as opposed to the character, Legolas, who was not. Yet, Legolas ends up with the most screen time and character development, even though the dude already had his trilogy! I suppose the filmmakers felt that it was a safer bet to give us something familiar rather than throw a bunch of new stuff at us. But (and I can't believe I'm even asking this), what's the point of introducing a character that can turn into a giant bear and then hardly spend any time at all showing him turn into said bear?!? 

     On the other hand, Peter Jackson has never critiqued my drawing abilities, so I probably shouldn't tell him how to make movies.


jeng said...

Interesting portrayal of Radagast - you kept the bushy eyebrows, but he looks cleaner here, doesn't he? And somehow (though I only thought of this now) the lack of a long hair/beard just doesn't seem to translate well to "sorcerer." Gandalf started it all...

And I agree, barely enough screen time given to Beorn, which was quite anticlimactic to how frightened the dwarves were before he appeared.

Thanks for sharing. And great artwork!

Nathan H. Boyd said...

Yeah. I wanted him to look a little cleaner. Then again, maybe 'cleaner' isn't the right word. I wanted him to have less bird poop on his face. :) NO bird poop, as a matter of fact. I figure just because a guy likes something, doesn't mean he wants to wear that something's dried up feces. :)

But, YES! Anticlimactic is the perfect word to describe Beorn's incredibly brief appearance! Very nice.

Thanks for commenting.