Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Back MY SNORK!

     I've never really been a fan of the fall season. This year, however, I came up with something to help ease my woes as we transition into the dreaded monotony of short days and long-sleeved shirts.

     You're all like, "Whaaa? The Snorks?!? How oh how shall those mere underwater Smurfs from yore possibly provide solace in this bleak time of windbreakers and... brown things?" Well, I'll tell you, friends! 

     Every day for the first week of fall, you'll get to meet a different member of the Snork family... each with the refreshing new look that you can only get here at the ol' blogspot! You'll be so wrapped up in the vibrant wonder and splendor that is Snork Week, that you'll be completely oblivious to all of that flannel shirt and dormant grass crap. By the time you've awoken from this Snork-filled euphoria, voila!  It's Christmas Time! And who doesn't love Christmas time?

     That's just one scenario, however. The more likely option is that you'll go, "Hmm. That's nice," and then get smacked upside the face by a chilly autumn "breeze."

See you in the fall, kiddos!

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