Monday, April 1, 2013

Indy Shot Last

It's April Fool's Day! The day where you can flat out lie to someone and they will have to simply shrug it off in celebration of... the first day of the fourth month of the YEAR!

For the occasion, I thought I'd share this video that all of us at Number One Group Team Conglomerate made a few years ago.

The joke is that this classic 'Indiana Jones' moment received the same Special Edition treatment as the classic 'Star Wars' moment when Han blasts Greedo in the Cantina. In other words, Indy waits for the Swordsman to attack first before he fires... because, you know, Indy is a nice guy and has impeccable dodging skills similar to his Far Away Galaxy counterpart, Han Solo.

So share this with all of those you know, informing them that this Special Edition is a reality, when in fact, it isn't. Because, THAT'S what this day is all about. Deception.

Happy Day of Lies!


Shadow Gamer said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that you are lying to us.... wait, it's just me. Oh well.

Nathan H. Boyd said...

I am lying... or maybe THAT was just a lie! You can't trust ANYONE today :)