Monday, March 11, 2013


The Star Wars films are filled with several moments that could be described as "iconic."
For example, when Luke watches the twin suns set, or when Leia tells Han she loves him as he's lowered into carbonite, and he responds, "I know."

These are subtle little moments that give us a lot of information about who the characters are and what's going on with them.

And then, good ol' Jar Jar Binks strolls along and steps in a piece of animal crap. Also iconic, though probably not EQUALLY iconic. It does, however, give us some information about the character: He's an idiot. You know... in case anyone was still wondering.

And just as that annoying piece of poo clung to the gungan's giant feet, so does Jar Jar himself stick to one of the most beloved franchises in movie history, forever associated with those iconic moments. 

All of that said, ...he is a lot of fun to draw! Here's to you, Mr. Binks!


Daniel Bates said...

this was the worse star wars character of all time

Your I.T. said...

...and yet the most important to the formation of the Empire. I blame Qui-Gon for saving him...twice.

Anonymous said...

You can say the same for episode one as a whole on the whole saga. Not only do you have jar jar but also darth maul. Other than setting up Anakins' story all we where given was a double sided light saber/bow staff.