Monday, March 21, 2011

Disney Star Wars - Part Three

The third installment of me drawing other people's characters as different other people's characters.


This last one is a little obscure, but I've been playing a lot of "Epic Mickey" lately and can't think of anyone maniacal enough to play the Emperor other than the Mad Doctor.


Jakethy said...

Hi - just found yer blog via SuperPunch and wanted to say "nice job." I shared it with my Star Wars fan(atical) friend on FB. Don't get me wrong - my tiny plastic co-writers and I are big Warsies ourselves. And slick poster designs a la yer recent Turtle take are always fun to see, too.

Nathan H. Boyd said...

Thanks! You, my friend, have a lot of toys! That's awesome! I'm quite jealous :)

bob chef said...

AWESOME! The animation behind this is really good! i love star-wars. Also i'm a newbie, could you please read my blog?

ThatAshGirl said...

OMG Jiminy as Yoda is awesome. *thumbs up*

Emilie Koegler said...

All these are awesome!

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