Sunday, October 25, 2009

May The Triforce Be With You

So I got out the Super Nintendo and have been playing some "Link to the Past" recently. And while it is one of the greatest Zelda games, it raises a few questions.

Why is Link's hair pink?
Why does he appear to be wearing a poncho?
And why do all of the stones have the number 8 on them?

And I know it's a video game, but is it really necessary to kill all of the guards? Zelda says they're all under an evil spell. Do they really have to die, Link?!? Do they really have to DIE?!?

Hyrule will be home to many fatherless children thanks to you, Link. You Pegasus Boot-wearing Murderer!


Scott F. Snyder said...

Fun Fun... and I like the new banner.

Dr. Pimienta said...

Yeah, I've always felt the same way about the guards :( on a lighter note, you're super talented. I'll keep browsing k, bye