Saturday, September 28, 2013

Snork Week presents... Tooter Shellby

     Well, Snork Week 2013 is officially winding down. Last Snork of the Week: the Silent but Spectacular Tooter Shellby.

     When I was a kid, we had one episode of Snorks on VHS that I watched over and over. In fact, that ONE episode is really what I base most of my Snork knowledge off of. This fact is probably the reason I keep getting booted off all of the "snork dork" fan forums. Oh well.

     That one episode focused on the beloved Tooter and his inability to speak. While I've always been able to speak, I still dealt with my fair share of bullying as a child. I really felt for Tooter and his plight. It was inspiring to see that even though some of us may have little quirks that keep us from fitting in with the rest of the crowd, we'll still have our moment to... honk loudly and scare off the giant Snorkeater... no wait. That's not right. Is it? ...aww man. I really felt like I was going somewhere with all of that. Nuts.

     Anywho! I hope all of you have enjoyed my reinterpretations of the Snorks, this week. Thanks for taking the time to check them out each day. And here's a special treat! Each Snork pic connects to make one bigger pic! That's right, kiddies! Get an adult to print each one out and just slide them together!

How's that for fun?


Jo Sz said...

Ale śliczne obrazki.

Nathan H. Boyd said...


Sri Widya said...

Love you Snorks...keep inspiring!!!

Rocky said...

The snorks sounds fun to watch. I'm not familiar with the movie, but I think it's good.