Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pete and Penny Penguin

I've always been a fan of theme park characters. I don't know why exactly. There's just something... I dunno, "magical" about standing next to some stranger with a big foam head. When I was a kid, I actually got butterflies in my stomach while walking up to meet one at whatever theme park I was at. What am I saying? I STILL get the butterflies! It's weird.

I don't know if they're still around or not, but SeaWorld used to have "Shamu and Crew" which were their Meet-and-Greet characters based on the beloved Orca and several other sea animals. My favorites were Pete and Penny Penguin. There's no real reason why they're my favorites, I guess, other than the fact that I like penguins and they're penguins.

Dolly the Dolphin would probably be my second favorite, simply because
of her incredibly creative name.
And so, as is the case with many little pieces of yesteryear floating around in my head, I decided to draw Pete and Penny. I wanted to give them a new look, so I slightly morphed my Penguin Suits design. Who knows? I might try my luck at doing more Penguin Suits someday with THIS type of look. It's like Superman's dad said, "The son becomes the father, and then the father..."

Meh. Whatever. Now I'm just rambling.

Here! Penguins!


Cat said...

I just found two of my old SeaWorld character stuffed animals: Shamu and Dolly the Dolphin. I'd forgotten about those guys! And I rather like your rendition of Pete and Penny. Looking forward to following your blog and seeing more of your awesome art!

Nathan H. Boyd said...

Thanks for following! Hopefully you'll be glad you did :)