Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chamber of Secrets - Albus Dumbledore

Here's the last in my Chamber of Secrets lineup, (finally, right?) Albus Percival Wulfric Bryan Dumbledore.

Now, to tear myself down a little. I tried to make Dumbledore resemble Merlin from Disney's "Sword in the Stone" because I always kind of pictured Dumbledore as Merlin-esque. Although, after the fact, I think I made him look too much like Disney's Merlin. Dumbledore has a much sweeter demeanor than Merlin, and I don't really feel like that is conveyed well here. In fact, you could replace Fawkes with Archimedes the Owl, and this wouldn't look like a Harry Potter pic at all.

Ah well. This sort of self-criticism is one of the reasons I'm drawing these guys in the first place. Hopefully, my Dumbledore will improve when I revisit him some time down the line.

And now to give myself a little pat on the back... I think Fawkes looks awesome!

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