Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chamber of Secrets - Gilderoy Lockhart

Well, I'm here with my first post of 2013! And it's back to the 'Chamber of Secrets' gang with Professor Fancy Pants himself, Gilderoy Lockhart!

In a society where almost everyone wears long robes, it would be difficult to stand out as a "fancy pants," but that Gilderoy pulls it off easier than planting a mandrake during the winter solstice! Which I assume is easy. Since I'm not a wizard, I have no frame of reference.

Lockhart is known for his smile, and I tried to make that stand out here. I also tried to give him, (with clothing and such) a slightly heroic look, but with a twinge of phony oozing out.

This post is also a two-for-one special, because Gilderoy Lockhart without Cornish Pixies would be like the Hufflepuff basement without a Fat Friar!

...again, I have no frame of reference.

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