Monday, December 24, 2012

"Attaboy Clarence!"

It's Christmas Eve! And here's the last of my "It's a Wonderful Life" characters! That silly little angel, Clarence Odbody.

I drew Clarence listening to hear a bell ring, which of course, signifies an angel getting their wings. In his hand is his copy of "Tom Sawyer." I'm not really sure why Clarence carries around a Tom Sawyer book, but I think it gives the character a nice touch. Maybe it helps show his innocence or something.

It's probably a first edition, which would be worth a lot of money for George Bailey. Then again, the little personal note Clarence scribbles on the front page probably lowers the value quite a bit. Wacky angels.

I hope anyone that has been checking this blog out for the past month has enjoyed my little depictions of these characters. Have a merry Christmas and I'll see you all next year!


Craig Love said...

I love not only the drawings but all that you write about. I spend such a long time enjoying all the pictures you have. I can't wait for future posts starting the New Year!

Nathan H. Boyd said...

Thanks a lot! I'll hopefully have more to post soon.