Monday, May 13, 2013

"Always In Motion, The Future Is."

     "Star Wars: Episode VII" doesn't come out for another two years, and my fanboy brain is already in speculation overload!

     My goal, in the meantime, is to devise enough scenarios for the film's plot, so that when it's finally released, it will HAVE to be based, even if only loosely based, on at least one of my many fan stories. The only opponent of this plan, so far, is my wife, in that the time and intensity required for this type of undertaking doesn't allow me to focus as much on my personal hygiene.

Clearly, the consequences of both sides need to be weighed.

     In the meantime though, here's a glimpse at New Star Wars Scenario #38. About a year ago, I had this dream where actor extraordinaire Idris Elba was a Jedi Knight, and I was his apprentice! It was an awesome dream of epic magnitude, and now that we have more Star Wars in the future, it's possible that Idris Elba could star as a Jedi, thus making my nerd dream a reality! It's like that kid from "Angels in the Outfield" said time and time again: "Hey! It could happen!"

     Although not as likely, there is also the possibility now that I could play Mr. Elba's Jedi Apprentice. Pending negotiations, of course.

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