Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Michelangelo is a Party Dude

Here's part two of my attempt at Saul Bass meets TMNT. For this installment, we have the one responsible for the phrase, "Cowabunga!" ...or at least the one responsible for its popularity.

I don't know. I'm not a vernacular historian. Is that even a thing?


Michelle said...

That's so Awesome!

James C said...

Just saw this from mymodernmet. Great job of capturing with the monochromatic geometry. TMNT is one of my favorites of all time and love seeing great modern interpretations. They should hire you to do the posters when they shoot the remake :)

askfortrouble said...

Also found my way here from mymodernmet. I'd love to see Raph and Donatello but definitely would be excited to see one for Shredder, Splinter and Casey Jones, for sure! Even April could get a femme fatale-ish one! XD Keep up the awesome work, sir!