Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meet Leroy

I had the chance to design a character for a county fair in New Mexico. Here are some of the concepts I sketched.

And the final version.


Will Terrell said...

That's great man! Really good design! I love it. I might have gone with a different color on the belt though, it looks like a mid-rift. That hat is slick though.

Hey, if you're in Lubbock, how come you've never come out to the sketchclub? I bet you'd have a blast!

Matthew Long said...

Hi Nate, thanks for checking out my blog. Nice place you have here and I enjoy the designs and the final one looks very kid friendly, great for a fair.

John said...

really nice work sir really nice work!!!! "Applause"

cartuneman :)

Ed Bickford said...

Nate, thanks for checking out my blog. Funny part is, is just last weekend i was talking about you to some of my friends and your otterpop redesigns. small world, huh!

Nice stuff. cant wait to see more


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